Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wealth in a Box using Affiliate account


                            Today I would like to  touch base and talk about the first DVD of Wealth in a Box (WIAB). A lot of you may are aware of affiliate marketing and that is great because you already understand the value of "Click Bank" or even "Commission Junction'. If you are new or just getting started I'm not going to go to deep into this. It may be a great idea to to sign up with both of these and feel your way around each of these sites.

  These are only a small part of making money on line, but it can't hurt to get a jump on things. Jamie Lewis is going to go through this top to bottom. In this first video that I've already seen (sneak preview because I work with Jamie)  you will see how the Wealth in a Box system puts eight hundred to three thousand a day into his bank account. This is one of his money streams, I don't know about you, but I would settle for half those numbers to make my life easier. 

                                                                    Will Wealth in a Box make me Money?

   You have to understand he's (Jamie Lewis)(WIAB creator) been at it for 5 years, so please understand patience and perseverance goes a long way.But this is the system that you will have at your fingertips if you choose. Not only will you learn to sell an affiliate product, you will learn the value of building a list and repeat sales from that the same costumers. Unless you have the knowledge to do this already, this alone will pay great dividends.

   You will have two routes to choose if you want to make money with Clickbank. Become an affiliate and sell their products for 30-70% commission. You will also be able to sell your own product and give up a % to the affiliates that will market your product for you.

Master Google Adwords-Turbo Charge your Business             
  Google Adwords is also covered on  DVD1. You will learn how to place (monetize) ads on your web site and make additional money on your site.  There are many way's to make money and if you're not careful you can loose a whole lot of money to. But you will learn to make money with little risk once go through this course.

  Another section covered on the first DVD will be the benefits of your "Subscribers List" with an auto responder. Which if you don't know already this will be one of the key components to making money again, and again.  

    Making money with J.V. (joint ventures) and and broad casting from A-Weber (auto responder) will be discussed here. Much to my surprise Jamie Lewis had regrets about not using an auto responder earlier in his marketing campaigns. Your going to find out how to squeeze every dollar out of every hit (click) to your site. Not everyone has the chance when they first started out that you are going to get.
  Midway through the first disc you will get a very helpful Q&A session. I have gone through this material when I first started  and it is truly refreshing to go through this again. It reinforces what you know and "Wealth in a Box" fills in the gap's that I overlooked. It shouldn't matter where you are in the marketing field, this program will take you to the next level.