Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wealth in a Box to Release International Version - Online Only

This is news! Jamie Lewis is working on an international online only version of Wealth in a Box and the word on the street is that it will be much more affordable than the "Box" version. More news coming soon.

If you haven't checked out Wealth in a Box yet, I can tell you (I have seen it all) that it teaches you how to make money online in a step-by-step way.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wealth in a Box- What's really Inside

Welcome back to DVD # 2 review of Wealth in a Box. This disc is more niched down to what you need need to do to get started making a solid pay base. Jamie discusses how he pulls things together with Click Bank, one of his digital retailer,  You will find how put a very simple very low budget, but quality site together. Go Daddy for your domain name, Host Gator where you will host your web site.
                                         Can I Really Post a Site For Free
  You can use GoArticle for free to build your subscriber list and attach your auto responder, to build your reader list. Right there you can make money no cost. A free blogger account at E-Blogger or go Article to write your articles or reviews about a Click Bank product (which is another free account).

 You could spend hours going through the great  products you can promote. It can be a challenge to figure out the right product to promote. This is covered in great detail .Your going to find some great free tools tools on the Internet.

 Let give you an example here. I recently purchased a soft ware program to determine if a site has good commercial  potential and Jamie handed it to me for free her on disc 2. MSN Commercial Intent tool will tell you if you in a crowded or a dead market. There are so many free on line tools and you just can't find them all on your own.

                                                      What if I'm a Newbee

 This is a fantastic way to get your feet wet. But don't worry, Wealth in a Box is going to show exactly how to choose these product;s to promote. There will be no guessing games here. Jamie also goes into painstaking detail to show you key word search for your article's. This is a must in choosing your domain name and inserting tags that identify your article's.

  The proper key words are crucial to getting your pages ranked and in front of readers and potential members or customers. If your curious about choosing a .com, .net or .org your covered here. What Jamie is doing here is saving you loads of time so you can avoid competitive niche markets.

 On this DVD you will also see how Word Press blog is used as a platform for a web site. A couple few month's back a lot of people a the Internet were not aware you could use these Blog site to host your product. Now it has become very common practice.

 In the second disc you will get four sections to learn from, they will be

1) Your on line arsenal: The bare necessities

2) Market research: The tools

3) Let's build a million dollar blog

4) Customizing the blog

                                    How Long Will it Take to Build a Profit Site

  In a matter of  15 minutes I watched Jamie put together a professional site and have on line. Right in front of my very eye's. As a member I was aware of this site a couple month's ago and had no idea this was going to be part of this "Wealth in a Box" system. See for yourself

   If you can follow simple instruction you will be able to put up a money making  site a day with out a problem. As your get better you want to make  two or three of these a day. It's up to you. You can also easily hire some one to do this for you at very reasonable prices if you choose.

  You got to be kidding me! On just the second DVD you repeat this system all day long and make a handsome profit. Folk's it doesn't get better than this. I only scratched the surface on what your getting in disc number two.  I will see for some more great review

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wealth in a Box using Affiliate account


                            Today I would like to  touch base and talk about the first DVD of Wealth in a Box (WIAB). A lot of you may are aware of affiliate marketing and that is great because you already understand the value of "Click Bank" or even "Commission Junction'. If you are new or just getting started I'm not going to go to deep into this. It may be a great idea to to sign up with both of these and feel your way around each of these sites.

  These are only a small part of making money on line, but it can't hurt to get a jump on things. Jamie Lewis is going to go through this top to bottom. In this first video that I've already seen (sneak preview because I work with Jamie)  you will see how the Wealth in a Box system puts eight hundred to three thousand a day into his bank account. This is one of his money streams, I don't know about you, but I would settle for half those numbers to make my life easier. 

                                                                    Will Wealth in a Box make me Money?

   You have to understand he's (Jamie Lewis)(WIAB creator) been at it for 5 years, so please understand patience and perseverance goes a long way.But this is the system that you will have at your fingertips if you choose. Not only will you learn to sell an affiliate product, you will learn the value of building a list and repeat sales from that the same costumers. Unless you have the knowledge to do this already, this alone will pay great dividends.

   You will have two routes to choose if you want to make money with Clickbank. Become an affiliate and sell their products for 30-70% commission. You will also be able to sell your own product and give up a % to the affiliates that will market your product for you.

Master Google Adwords-Turbo Charge your Business             
  Google Adwords is also covered on  DVD1. You will learn how to place (monetize) ads on your web site and make additional money on your site.  There are many way's to make money and if you're not careful you can loose a whole lot of money to. But you will learn to make money with little risk once go through this course.

  Another section covered on the first DVD will be the benefits of your "Subscribers List" with an auto responder. Which if you don't know already this will be one of the key components to making money again, and again.  

    Making money with J.V. (joint ventures) and and broad casting from A-Weber (auto responder) will be discussed here. Much to my surprise Jamie Lewis had regrets about not using an auto responder earlier in his marketing campaigns. Your going to find out how to squeeze every dollar out of every hit (click) to your site. Not everyone has the chance when they first started out that you are going to get.
  Midway through the first disc you will get a very helpful Q&A session. I have gone through this material when I first started  and it is truly refreshing to go through this again. It reinforces what you know and "Wealth in a Box" fills in the gap's that I overlooked. It shouldn't matter where you are in the marketing field, this program will take you to the next level. 

Wealth in a box Review - The Biggest Release This Decade


                          I would like to welcome you to Jamie Lewis newest release, Wealth in A Box.If you struggled to make money on line, your solution is here, "Guaranteed"  
      I would like to get right to the point. You will not see any bank statements being flashed here or a long drawn out biography.
  Are you tired of seeing long winded video's? Don't you hate when you click a video and get "But first, let me tell you about myself" and then it drones on forever. Let me tell you something. I'm the first person to click out of long boring biography and then, after you suffered through that, your beaten down with desk top bank statement's.
           But if your curious and want to see Jamie's house or toys your welcome to it.
   What is Behind  Wealth in a Box        
        Let me assure you Jamie is successful at what he does and if you Google "JAMIE LEWIS" you will can see him sitting in front of his banks of computers. Yes he does work like you and I. If you think you are going to get rich over night, your on the wrong page. This is not a 3 click copy and paste system. But it is broken down into a simple step by step process that ANYONE can do.And if you follow this system you cant fail.
       There will also be a unique support system available that I will explain in detail at a further point.
  Getting back to Jamie, you can also so find him giving an interview sitting in one of his exotic cars.
 No he wasn't flaunting it. I happened to notice it when I purchased my first product from him 2 years ago.
       Jamie has been in the business about five years and as Built his eight figure empire on his own. He did not come from wealth and it was not the luck of a lottery ticket  that he was able to build his on line business empire.
Who is This System For                                            
 What your going to get here is a short cut like never before seen. This is for the "new bee" and for the seasoned pro that has already achieved 8 figure status. Jamie has advanced techniques he's will to show you and he's not afraid of the competition. I have seen and heard all the pitches and this is as close to  a "Sure Thing" that a simpleton can do! And that would be ME! I've tried many which I wouldn't have if there wasn't a thirty or sixty day money back guarantee I would would never have bothered.
  And to be honest I have returned my share of so called "Sure Things'" or "Get Rich"  programs to the point where i might be considered a "Cereal returner"
  This is the first system I have used that lives up to it's reputation. Sure you can hire out certain jobs to speed things up,m but it is not necessary with "Wealth in a Box.

   You will get 9 DVDs, almost 20 hours worth of proven knowledge.  Starting with DVD 1 you will be shown around the office and you will see some of his Million dollar account's (sorry about that)(flaunting). He is going to show you some driving footage (as mentioned earlier). This is raw and unedited except when it's to long or there is sensitive information.
   Everything is raw and transparent.I have yet to see this information (system) available to the public yet!                                                                                                                                                                  
Do I Need Wealth in a Box

            If your truly serious about making your first sale in as little as 5 days you will want to find out more about this "truly amazing new system. If you want to take your business to the next level stay tuned. I have an advanced copy and I can't say enough about it. But I will. There are eight more sections to go (nine total) , I will break each one down  for you in the next few days and it will be up to you to decide if you want to get in on this  limited money machine system (as I call it) being released next week.

  I do not see a need to overwhelm you right now as this system will be available on the 16th of this month. Take your time and review it for yourself. I would expect anyone that is serious about making money would take there time and learn this inside and out. Once you do, you will have the knowledge to repeat again and again.

Wealth in a Box - Is It A Scam

Why is Everyone Talking About Wealth in a Box?

Why is there so much buzz around Jamie Lewis’ new Wealth in a Box system? Why is it being hailed as the next biggest thing to hit the internet? It is clearly the most real and controversial system to hit cyberspace. With only 2500 available, this precious gold box offers an 18-hour, $245,493 case study on DVD and a complete set of detailed instructions on how to make a killing online. Also included are 4 Gigs of websites, graphics for those sites, unique splash pages and all of the resources you need to start your internet business.
Wealthinabox, to this date, is the most in-depth, comprehensive money making system. Not only will you have access to Jamie Lewis’ personal income generating process, but you can also call Jamie on his personal cell phone to ask him questions and receive priceless feedback.
The system has gained extreme popularity because it teaches you the “real” information the gurus will not tell you regarding the knowledge needed to create a viable income online. Jamie teaches you how to build a long term asset rather than just how to make a quick buck. That’s why Jamie teaches you not only the exact method he used to generate $417 in less than15 minutes, but he also shows you how to create an asset that will generate increasing amounts of cash on a monthly basis.
Wealthinabox is the most sought after system of the decade and I am sure you can see why. With a premier physical product, coupled with one-on-one access to the author himself, this product is sure to help many people reach a level of financial comfort they never thought possible.

Wealth in a Box Review from Steve, Who's Actually Seen Wealth in a Box

If you're trying to succeed in this market, and you get snagged on anything, this is your ultimate solution.

You're out of excuses to move on and make money. Jamie's offering the ultimate answer to any roadblocks.

Many times, when you get stuck, you are waiting 48 hours to the solution. I've lost interest, drifted to other things, lost focus when I don't get help.

This product gives you the answers!!

You have to go see it. Free videos, just to sign up for more information on this product. I've been working with Jamie since last summer directly through his actual coaches and I cannot say enough about this.